On 08 and earlier 5.7 heads:

Defuse the ticking time bomb in your 5.7 with our new offerings that replace the intake valve seats along with rebuilding the heads and performance/fuel economy enhancements.

The near epidemic of intake seats falling out of 5.7 heads when they get near or exceed 100K miles have required us to develop a couple of new cylinder head packages that both rectify the faulty OEM intake seat/press fit before a seat drops and destroys your engine.  These packages will additionally add performance/fuel economy enhancements to your 5.7 or 6.1.

In early 2015 ago we started replacing the intake seats in all our performance cnc ported and cnc ported big valve heads, with better quality and  properly fitted seats. With this in mind we realize not everyone has the finances to install ported heads but the intake valve seat problem with the 5.7 is a real issue. Therefore, we have developed two new levels of 5.7 performance/fuel economy head  options that both fix the intake valve seat problem and also offer increased performance and fuel economy over stock. These options also effectively rebuild the head and offer new 6.1 exhaust springs and new seals so you can bolt the heads on and run our performance cams with no further cylinder head modifications. Therefore, you effectively get rebuilt-better than factory performance/fuel economy head package for less than half the price of cnc ported heads.

Engine saver Special:

We take your head cores and disassemble, clean, remove old intake seats, machine heads for new seats, install new seats.

Then we do our proprietary valve job with 6 angles on the intake seats and a full radius valve job on the exhaust seats (the same valve job as our top of the line cnc'd heads) Our valve jobs are done on a $75000 Newen cnc'd single point cutter machine so there are no chatter marks as is common with pre formed cutter machines. Also, it allows us to precisely control our valve angles and give you the best valve job available.

Then we face the valves, remove and replace core plugs, wash and  assemble heads.

We offer this for without blending $1075 with springs or $925 without. Blended is $1375 with springs and $1225 without.

Engine saver Special Plus:

In addition to everything in the Engine Saver Special we hand blend the chambers into the valve job.   This offers a high bang for the buck performance/fuel economy increase at the low cost of $1375 to perform on your cores.

Big Valve Engine Saver Special Plus:

This is everything that's in the Engine saver Plus package but in addition we add larger Manley 2.020" dia intake valves and 1.575 exhaust valves. This both further enhances performance and the larger stems of the new valves allows us to hone the guides over size for more precise valve guide clearances. We offer this for a price of $1725 if we perform on your heads.

Fuel ecconomy heads:

This offers everything that's in the Engine Saver Plus Package and then we cnc port the exhaust ports only which helps performance more and further helps fuel economy. We offer this package for $1775 if we perform on your heads or if we do on our cores and you send your heads back.

CNC Ported Performance heads:

This is everything thats in the Engine Saver Special Plus and then the heads are fully CNC ported for maximum air flow and performance.

We offer this for $2050 to perform on your head or with core return.

Big Valve CNC ported Heads: This is our top of the line 5.7 head and is everything thats in the Big Valve Engine Saver Special Plus and then the  heads are fully CNC ported for maximum air flow and performance.  These are the heads to run in your 5.7/400 stroker engine as they will add 45-50 HP on that package and approximately 35 wheel HP to a typical cammed stock displacement 5.7 with headers.

We offer this for $2375 to perform on your head or our cores with a core return.

Extra cost Options:

Open up intake ports to work with 6.1 or Eagle intake manifolds  $300
08 and earlier 5.7 core charge $400
Replace exhaust valve seats $275


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