Hemi Stroker Motors (Click for more info!)
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Nobody builds more Hemi strokers than Inertia Motorsports and we build them all in-house. When you call 512-964-7724 to speak with Stu, you'll be speaking with the guy actually putting your engine together.

Call today to spec out your Inertia build and join the 450+ customers running our engines in their Modern Mopar (and in some cases, their old school Mopars, like the 445 we did for a 1970 Superbird in 2015!). In 2013 we built a 392 for NFL superstar Larry Fitzgerald and we would love building an engine for you, too! 

We use CP Pistons with steel gas nitrided top rings and Napier second rings. Billet 4340 wrist pins, Molnar rods and ARP 2000 rod bolts. The pistons are 2618 alloy as opposed to the more brittle 4032 that many companies offer and then have the 2618 as an extra cost option. With us, all kits have the best parts. We use Molnar's 4340 chromo molly cranks and rods and ARP2000 rod bolts which have a tensile strength of 220,000 PSI!


Premium short blocks with above components are $5250 plus core exchange and shipping. These are all your most popular stroker combos: 5.7/370, 5.7/400 (VVT or non VVT), 6.1/392, 6.1/426, 6.4/400, 6.4/431 - or $4250 stock stroke (5.7 VVT or non VVT).

$3250 plus shipping on balanced rotating assemblies. 

We have many options so please call or email for further info and or long block pricing.

Semi custom pistons available on all of the above for $200 more. Lateral gas porting available on semi custom pistons for an additional $125.

9310 Tool steel wrist pins available for an additional $150 on all pistons shelf and semi custom.

Hemi Stroker Motors (Click for more info!)

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