Inertia Poseidon/Stage 2 Package - 5.7L HEMI (non VVT) '04-'10

Take your build up another notch with the Poseidon/Stage 2 package for your non VVT 5.7L Hemi LX (Magnum, Charger, 300C, Challenger) '04-10'

Great everyday power from the cam and the intake of 100% carbon fiber. Made in the US and proven performers for years on these Modern Hemis. This package adds the stainless JBA shorty headers, a great mod for a 5.7 as the stock manifolds are not of good quality, nor do they work very well and you get a set of our ported cylinder heads which add another 25-30 RWHP on top of the 40-45 RWHP you get from the camshaft. This is a great combo that is easy to live with day to day and will make you happy at the track as well!

For max low end power, we can change the Spartan Plus for a Crazy Jay Plus (or Raging Trojan for nitrous or any other 5.7 cam you want). Just let us know in the comments when you order!

You'll need a tune for this combo as well. Combine and save vs buying as individual items! Use Coupon "Poseidon" at check out for your $100 off!!

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