Inertia Poseidon/Stage 2 Package - 6.1L HEMI '05-'10

This package is taking it another notch for your 6.1L Hemi LX (Magnum, Charger, 300C, Challenger) '05-10'

Great everyday power from the SRT MAX cam and the intake of 100% carbon fiber. Made in the US and proven performers for years on these Modern Hemis. This package adds our performance cylinder heads, which add another 25-30 RWHP on top of the gains of 30-40 RWHP you'll see from the camshaft upgrade alone.

If you prefer to dial it up a notch with the SRT MAX Plus (or Super Raging Trojan for nitrous - or any other cam you want instead) just let us know in the comments when you order.

You'll need a tune for the cam as well. Combine and save vs buying as individual items! Use Coupon "Stage2" at check out for your $50 off!!

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