SRT MAX camshaft (NON VVT)

This is primarily a 6.1 cam but also works well in 5.7 applications where deeper gears are used along with a high stall converter as in a 5.7 it will loose some power under about 3300 RPM and we recommend going to an 09 or later 5.7 manifold or 6.1 manifold and porting the heads to match in order to take advantage of the higher RPM range of this cam.   With a stock 5.7, 08 and earlier car manifold the 5.7 stops building HP at 5400-5500 RPM regardless of the cam and going to an eagle manifold will raise that to 6000-6100 or the 6.1 manifold raises it to around 6300 RPM and will usually hold flat to approximately 6500 RPM.   This cam has a slightly noticeable lope in a 6.1 but not heavy.  In a 5.7 it has a more pronounced lope.   In a 6.1 you can expect HP gains of approximately 30 HP at the wheels.  In 5.7 applications,  stock 6.1 springs and pushrods work well and are recommended. YOU CANNOT RUN STOCK RODS AND SPRINGS IF INSTALLING IN A 5.7 MOTOR.


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  • 218/223 Duration Camshaft

SRT MAX camshaft (NON VVT)

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