Spartan camshaft

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The legendary Spartan! Perfect for your N/A non VVT 5.7. Keep mpgs, get more power! Smooth idle, easy to live with and 40 RWHP gain over stock! You cannot go wrong.



  • 214/218 Duration Camshaft

  • MDS Friendly with Proper Tuning

  • Does not require our Performance Heads

  • Custom Tuning Recommended for Maximum Performance and MDS Efficiency

  • 6.1L Valve Springs Required

  • 6.1L Pushrods or our Custom Forged Pushrods Recommended


W/ Stock Cylinder Head


$465 -360 RWHP, 360-370 RWTQ




W/ Performance Cylinder Heads


370-380 RWHP, 370-380 RWTQ

Spartan camshaft

Price: $575.00
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