V1.0 camshafts (05-10 3.5L HO V6)


Price including shipping to US48. If shipping elsewhere, please email info@inertiamotorsports.com for your quote. ($200 core applies if not being intalled by authorized Inertia Motorsports installer. See list here: http://www.inertiamotorsports.com/LINKS.html


For shipping to HI, AK or for other countries, please call. 



  • The first 3.5L cams to hit the market (and STILL the only aftermarket 3.5 cams in the world)

  • Designed for performance with fuel efficiency in mind

  • Does not require our Performance Heads

  • Custom Tuning Required

V1.0 camshafts (05-10 3.5L HO V6)

Price: $435.00
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